Frequently Asked Questions

What color drapes do you offer?

Black, white, red and gold or any combination of those. 

Q: Is the booth easy to use by the guest?

A: Yes our booth has a large  touch screen with full instructions on the screen. Guests will be able to see what the camera sees. Push the button and HOLD THAT POSE and in about 15 seconds your photo will be available.

Q: How much room is needed for the photo booth?

A: For best results we need a space of about 10 ' by 15'  for the booth, costume props and red carpet runway. Additional space may be needed for the Photo Guestbook table if that option is selected.  

Q: Is there an extra charge to have the booth delivered, set up and disassembled?

A: No. The delivery, setup and tear-down of your booth is free throughout the Southern Maryland area.

Q: Are there additional charges for events outside of the Southern Maryland Area?

A: If your event is outside the area, we charge a travel fee of only $50/hour of additional drive time. Please contact us if you have any questions of for a quote out of the SOMD area.

Q: Will the booth be completely set up and ready when we are?​ 

A: Yes. We will have your photo booth  set up and ready for visitors approximately 30 minutes before your contracted time begins.  You will have UNLIMITED use of the photo booth until your contracted time has ended. We are always open to extending your rental period, assuming availability. At the completion of your contracted event, we will completely dismantle the photo booth and remove it from the premises. We highly recommend that you rent the photo booth for your entire event as it can be quite disruptive to setup and teardown during the course of your event. Setup and tear down normally takes about an hour. ​ 

Q: Can your booth capture video messages from our guests as well?

A: Yes. Our booth has the ability to do both photo and video. The video clips are 30 seconds in length and are a great way for your guests to leave you a special message. The video clips are an option for just $150.​

Q: Does your booth flash with each photo taken?

​A: No. We use a constant light system inside the booth that ensures high quality photos and videos.  

Q: What do you need to set up the booth at our event?

A: We need  a dry level area with access to  a standard power outlet. 

Q: Is there an attendant with the booth during our event?

A: Yes. There will be at least one trained and friendly attendant at the booth during the course of your event to ensure everything goes accordingly. 

Q: Does your booth have the social media ability?

A: Yes. Your guests can upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter or their email at the event.

Q: What color background drapes do you offer?

A: We can set your booth with either red or black drapes for your background.

Q: Will we get a copy of all of the photographs at the end of our event?

A: Yes. We will transfer all your photographs to a DVD for you. We also make available all of your photographs  on our web site and you and your guests can download them at no additional cost.

Q: What is needed to book our event? 

A: Contact us to confirm our availability.  A $250 non refundable retainer and a signed contract is required to book and lock your date in. The balance is due 30 days prior to the actual event date.  Your retainer fee is applied towards the cost of the booth rental. 

Q. Is there a Maryland Sales Tax charged with the booth rental?

A. Yes,  Maryland law requires that a 6% sales tax be charged and submitted to the state of Maryland."/> src="" target="_blank">"/>